From the Source – Success Story for AccessLock, RightFax Connector and DMS Link for Legal

From the Source – Success Story for AccessLock, RightFax Connector and DMS Link for Legal


The Verdict is In! DA’s Office turns to Kyocera’s Total Document Solutions Approach


The most efficient infrastructures are those appropriately sized. Although counterintuitive, many organizations are better served by less comprehensive solutions, whose size and power can meet their needs and afford them room to grow—without exceeding their budget.

Consider the district attorney’s office that had been relying on a competitor’s MFPs equipped with its own proprietary technology. The system offered the administrators the features they wanted—walk-up authentication, full control over scanning, and seamless connection to RightFax—but the fleet was long past its prime and quite expensive to maintain.


The office began to look for alternate solutions. Their needs were clear: they wanted the same capabilities to which they’d become accustomed, but in a more affordable package.

The customer’s Kyocera dealer proposed building a fleet of 47 Kyocera devices. They conducted several walk-throughs, checked meter-counts, and assessed the workflow needs of the office’s various departments. Then, after determining the overall document flow of the operation, they suggested a mix of black-and-white A3 devices and one color device.

To customize the system to the office’s needs, they equipped all of the devices with a number of Kyocera developed business applications: AccessLock™ for walk-up authentication; RightFax Connector for seamless faxing and outputting of documents; and DMS Link™ for sending scanned documents efficiently into their central database.


The office administrators tried the system and agreed that the new Kyocera fleet performed brilliantly, offering improved features and performance over their aging and expensive devices from another manufacturer.


The office’s Total Document Solution had all the power, speed, and capabilities of the previous solution at a fraction of the price. The office saved an enormous amount of money in service fees and on their new document management system.

The Kyocera Total Document Solution was flexible and powerful enough to meet the critical business needs of the customer. It met the county’s diverse requirements, while also producing significant savings. Consequently, the office will be more productive now and into the future.

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