From the Source – Success Story for HomePOINT Advanced and Language Exchange for Insurance

From the Source – Success Story for HomePOINT Advanced and Language Exchange for Insurance


Kyocera Total Document Solutions addresses Insurance Companies’ Needs


The most effective document management systems streamline an organization’s way of doing business. Take the insurance company with eight locations and more than sixty employees, some of which are bilingual. Each office had its own document processes and fleet of mismatched devices. This made for a difficult situation. Employees that traveled to a remote office could not retrieve documents from headquarters. Plus, to store a document on the firm’s IBM Blade server, employees had to scan a document to their email, and then file it on the server from their desktop PCs. It took, on average, seven days to process a document. Finally, bilingual employees who were more comfortable with a language other than English would occasionally change the system language of their current MFPs. This would result in English-only employees being unable to change the device language back to English, and therefore, unable to use the device.


The time had come to integrate the system, so the company’s administrators called their Kyocera dealer.

The dealer suggested installing TASKalfa multifunction products (MFPs) at each of the company’s offices—and arming each device with KYOCERA HomePOINT™ Advanced and Language Exchange. KYOCERA HomePOINT™ Advanced allows users to securely print from or scan to their Active Directory home folders directly—using any MFP in any office. Plus, for added convenience, it can be configured to grant user access with an HIDcard. In addition, Language Exchange allows users one button access to system languages directly from the home screen of the Kyocera MFP.

The administrators were impressed with the proposal. It met their main requirement: enable employees to easily retrieve or file documents on their server regardless of location or preferred language. It also allowed the company to leverage its existing IBM Blade server, saving money, time, and headaches. The dealer was given the green light.


The new system boosted productivity immediately. The average document processing time dropped from seven days to just twelve hours.


The Kyocera Total Document Solution is a win-win. It has expedited the staff’s existing workflow. Plus, it has allowed the company to keep its existing server. In the end, the Kyocera Total Document Solution benefited everybody involved: the firm’s administrators, employees, and clients.

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