From the Source – Success Story for PinPoint Scan and DMS Link for Legal

From the Source – Success Story for PinPoint Scan and DMS Link for Legal


Kyocera Makes Their ‘Case’ to Increase Productivity and Efficiency at a Law Firm


An effective document processing system is the backbone of any organization, particularly law firms. These firms organize, scan, and archive important records every day—and their success depends on retrieving those documents in an orderly, timely fashion. One such firm had been relying on a Ricoh MFP for scanning, Bates stamping, and filing documents. The device had limited capabilities. It forced the staff to develop its own method of Bates stamping; for instance, the administrative assistant had to set up a page-numbering protocol on the MFP, and then mark the hard copies to match the automatic system. When scanning to desktops, employees were forced to send scans to their e-mail addresses, save the attachments to their desktops, and then rename the documents. What’s more, there was no way to continuously scan large documents.


When the firm’s equipment lease was about to expire, its administrators began looking for an alternate solution. Specifically, they were looking for a faster, more efficient system. Ricoh wasn’t able to offer more than an upgraded MFP with the same scanning solutions as its previous model. After thoroughly evaluating the situation, the firm’s office equipment dealer suggested employing Kyocera’s TASKalfa 5500i MFP and loading it with DMS Link, a proprietary business application that connects MFPs to existing document management systems. The dealer also proposed adding OmniPage for OCR capability, PinPoint Scan for added scanning capabilities, and most important, a custom Bates stamping script that would allow the firm’s employees to stamp their documents with a prefix, Bates starting number, and predefined footer.


The firm agreed to try the new system. The dealer worked with the firm’s IT company to install the device, which connected seamlessly to the existing system. The proposed solution lived up to the dealer’s promise: it immediately boosted productivity and efficiency. Scanning was quicker and easier than before, and employees were able to scan directly to their desktops from the MFP control panel. Plus, Bates stamping was automatic, accurate, and thorough.


The Kyocera system was a cost-effective solution that fit within the parameters of the firm’s budget. It saved the staff time—employees no longer had to waste unnecessary hours devising homespun workarounds—and it boosted the productivity of the document processing system. At a law firm, or any organization that archives and retrieves crucial information, this kind of solution is vital to success.

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