OKI C941

  • Prints with CMYK plus White or Clear toner
  • Prints on a wide range of media, including envelopes, magnetic media, polyester, transparent film, and heavy stock up to 360 gsm
  • True 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution
  • Handles 3″ x 5″ cards to 52″ banners
  • High-capacity toner: up to 38,000 pages2
  • Description


When it comes to variety, size and thickness of media, the C900 Series greatly extends the OKI heritage of media support. All three models easily handle 360gsm extra-thick card stock, 14-point polyester, magnetic media, transparency films and much more—in sizes ranging from 3″ x 5″ index cards to 13″ x 52″ banners.


C900 Series devices have affordable digital short-run capabilities. Produce striking comps, one-offs and reprints at up to 50 ppm1. And the C941e can apply white text and graphics to colored media, and clear toner selectively on a design, with eye-catching results.


These devices represent a new design driven by an aggressive goal—to create rugged, affordable and flexible printers aligned with the direction of today’s print production marketplace. They feature short-run capacities and fast print speed, and deliver stunning output across the widest range of media. Add the optional EFI® Fiery® XF Server to the C931e or C941e and get formidable, professional devices with enhanced color management and simplified workflows.

Benefits and advantages for every user.

The C900 Series lets you extend your in-house printing and presentation capabilities from the expected to the extraordinary. These affordable printing devices, with their ease of use and low total cost of ownership, enable you to produce stunning documents, offer new services, be competitive, and grow your business.

C911dn – for efficiency-minded, budget-conscious office users and departments with a need for excellent color—such as Marketing and Corporate Communications—this is the ideal printer. Stunning results at breathtaking speed. Simple operation, with auto duplex and network standard. Plus all the media flexibility offered across the C900 Series platform.

C931e – taking it up a notch for the Advertising, Graphic Arts and Design department, company or school—with their greater sensitivity to color—this device is perfect. With the optional Fiery XF 5 Server, creative- and production-oriented users alike will love the color consistency and accuracy required for their projects and short-run print jobs. And keepers of the budget will be thrilled with even lower costs per page, especially at higher volumes.

C941e – all of the above, plus the extraordinary capability of applying white or clear gloss toner in addition to CMYK. Here is the cutting-edge, multimedia production platform that creative, opportunity-seeking Design Firms, Specialty Print Shops, even large Retailers have been dreaming of: a fast, flexible, affordable, easy-to-use 5-station device.

Examples of the C941e’s unique capabilities:

  • Retail Signage – HD Color imagery is a knock-out (even on 14-point polyester) – even more so with flood Clear toner
  • Bottle Labels – White toner under CMYK on transparent film makes colors pop!
  • Pocket Folders – Spot White and Clear toner give powerful emphasis to text and graphics; handles heavy stock (up to 360gsm)
  • 2-Sided Business Cards – Using spot Clear toner over CMYK is a brilliant effect; White toner on dark-colored media really draws the eye
  • Banners – HD Color on sheets up to 13″ x 52″ and 360gsm is attention-grabbing – adding spot Clear to call out details even more so!
  • Envelopes – Print on matte media, with spot Clear toner
  • Table Tents – Spot Clear toner makes color even more vibrant on industry-standard substrates
  • Magnetic Media Signs – Flood-coat with Clear toner for a dazzling finish – or highlight details with Spot Clear
  • Invitations – Print text and spot Clear graphics with White toner on dark media for a striking, elegant look

Extraordinary results that transcend expectations.

Now you can demonstrate your creativity or broaden your printed offerings by producing materials on an incredible range of media in 4-color plus solid White or Clear gloss toners. These processes—which used to require expensive printing equipment and outside resources—are available in-house and on demand with the C941e, a unique 5-station multimedia production platform device from OKI®.

The C941e gives users the ability to create extraordinary mock-ups, stationery, invitations, brochures, packaging prototypes, point-of-sale material, watermarks, window graphics, labels, etc., in breathtaking HD Color that now includes White or Clear spot color!

Apply White toner first or last

Use white text and graphics on dark-colored media. Make 4-color images on dark media stand out by laying down White toner first and printing CMYK on top—the same technique used for producing vibrant 4-color images on translucent media or transparency film.

Two minutes from White to Clear.

That’s all it takes to switch the 5th station of the C941e from White toner to Clear Gloss toner—and back again. Each color kit comes with all you need to get spectacular effects on opaque, translucent or transparent media with no fuss. And the front-accessible compartment makes exchanging or replacing consumables even easier.

Industry-leading color quality – starting with HD Color technology, available only from OKI®

c900-stackHD Color Printing technology

High definition color is the standard for the C900 Series. HD Color renders deeper, more saturated colors, finer detail and more precise toner placement than ordinary color printers. This unique four-part process includes:

Multilevel LED printheads that control the amount of toner applied to each 1200-dpi dot, preserving fine image detail and maximizing color fidelity.

Microfine toner engineered to ensure that printed documents are sharp and crisp, with a high-quality finish.

Single Pass Color™ technology enhanced to improve color registration, regardless of paper type and weight, and provides better toner transfer across a wider range of media types.

Printer control system automatically adjusts for sharp, clear images every time; color checking and matching deliver professional photo-like quality.

EFI® XF Server – Harlequin MultiRIP 10

The C931e and C941e are ideal for professionals with an eye for accurate color output. Equipped with the optional external EFI® XF Server or Harlequin MultiRIP 10, these models can take advantage of fast, precise color reproduction, while also making it easy to submit print jobs with consistent results.

XF Version 5 is a flexible and scalable high-speed RIP with color management software that streamlines production, from job creation to printing and verification, through customizable automated workflows.

It comes pre-loaded with industry leading EFI® XF Server or Harlequin MultiRIP 10 applications and the C900 Series Printer Option, which enables users to:

  • Achieve consistent color, page to page and job to job
    • Get stunning, precise and predictable quality prints
    • Advanced spot- and process-color optimization
  • Automate workflows
    • Fully customizable user interface allows applications to be tailored to each operator’s tasks and skill set
    • Eliminate touch points and remove the need for manual job submission
    • Reduce error rates

1Published performance results based on laboratory testing of letter-size sheets, simplex. Individual results may vary.
2Based on ISO/IEC 19798.
4Available in the U.S. and Canada only.
5Based on 5% coverage of letter-size sheet, simplex.
6Based on 3 pages per job.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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