At Ultrex, we represent the industry’s most trusted office equipment. But rather than simply selling or leasing you a piece of technology, we strive to help you find the best solution for your needs.

  • Are your paying too much for your office equipment?

  • Are you having issues with printing or scanning?

  • Are you confident in your IT systems?

  • Are you experiencing service problems?

  • Is it time to update your phone system or security cameras?

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Six Steps to More Cost-Efficient, Convenient Office Workflow:

The Ultrex Approach



Our knowledgable team will analyze your needs using industry best practices.



We’ll install the best equipment, software, and provide comprehensive training and support. Programs include:

  • Industry’s best manufacturers
  • Get the most out of your existing equipment
  • Replace outdated or inefficient machines with state of the art technology
  • Best warranty for up to 5 years
  • Track results and continually improve processes over time


Remote Management

Devices will be automatically monitored for usage and lifecycle management, so your staff can focus on mission-critical issues.


Automatic Supplies Fulfillment

Supplies will be automatically delivered to your location to reduce inventory…you’ll never run out of toner!


Consolidated Invoicing

All your printing costs will be consolidated in one monthly invoice, based on your preferred plan—per-page cost, level pay or other flexible terms.


Ongoing Review/Optimization

We’ll provide regular account reviews to validate your ROI and anticipate your evolving needs.

Customer Success Stories

Law Firm

A very busy personal injury law firm came to Ultrex with a problem.  It was taking far too long to locate key client files and documents. 

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School District

A local school district had a host of copiers and printers spread amongst its facilities.  Monitoring the equipment’s usage, service levels and toner/ink needs was cumbersome.

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Construction Firm

A local construction firm had a number of jobs in progress, with disparate office trailers operating on site. There was no standardized solution, constant waste of time shopping for supplies  and inconsistent connectivity between machines and workstations.

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Church / House of Worship

A local church was operating two multi-function copiers for their printing needs. When an Ultrex representative reviewed their copy expenditures, they found an unusually high cost of operation—$874 a month. We recommended more cost-effective equipment better suited for their printing/scanning needs.

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Ultrex Business Solutions, locally owned and operated in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley since 1999, is an authorized office equipment dealer that has built a reputation based on quality products, customer centric service, and highly competitive rates.

Taras Sarapin

President / Owner

Phil Kirschenmann

Vice President of Sales

Matt Corron

Service Manager

Jim Smith

IT Manager

Kymber Green

Executive Administrator

Our mission is to provide customers with cutting edge technology, superior service and effective strategies to improve their business’ productivity and profitability.

We give back in many ways, including:

Supporting annual toy drives, donating to foster children, and community resource centers.

Supporting local nonprofit fundraisers and volunteering.

Volunteering at Youth Job Fairs around the community.

Orders Arrive Next Day

At Ultrex we know how frustrating it is to be held up at the office by your faulty equipment. Thats why we offer next day delivery. So you can rest easy knowing the solution to your problem is on its way!