Jim Smith

About Jim

Greetings! I’m Jim Smith, a seasoned professional with nearly 25 years of experience in the IT & Tech industry.

My journey began working in a mom-n-pop computer store during the Y2K era.

Ethan Chung

About Ethan

I’m Ethan, an IT Technician with a passion for connection and a knack for making the complex feel clear.

Watching information flow seamlessly across networks is my personal thrill ride, each device a…

TJ Wilson

About TJ

My name is TJ Wilson. I have been a “tech guy” since my childhood. It started off with taking apart the family computer and have been moving through items since.

I spent many years moving around different industries and…

Andrae Snegirev

About Andrae

Hey there!

I’m Andrae, and I love getting to serve people – especially when it comes to reminding technology that it’s also supposed to help people and not hinder them. I’ve been fascinated with…