The team at ULTREX went above and beyond helping our district get the equipment that would fulfill all our business needs, as well as keep us within our required budget. The process from beginning through installation and training was truly a pleasant experience. Daniel (our sales rep) was there every step of the way, even checking back to ensure we were happy and nothing was missed. Everyone there works together as a team and I’m glad we made the decision to go with ULTREX. Highly recommend! 🙂

Emily Murphy

Amazing. We use Ultrex for our IT Support, Printer Servicing, and VOIP Phone service and I wish I could have them for more services. Their staff is super friendly, helpful, knowledgable, and quick to respond. They actively work with other vendors to help fix issues when needed, and are always professional and helpful. Seriously, I can’t say enough nice things about our Ultrex team. I would recommend them for any and every service that they offer, but especially their IT support services!

Colleen Kistler

Great service from this company!! Representatives are extremely efficient and nice. No matter what you may need, they are always on time and ready to help. We lease two copiers from them and we’re extremely satisfied with their pricing as well as their quick response time should we need their help.

Thank you Ultrex for a great job!!!

Deb Keehn

We have had our printer/scanner/copier with Ultrex for a couple years now. Their service is exceptional. When we need replacement toner or parts they get right back to us. Our office uses Macs and they took the time to help us get everything set up and made sure we were up and running and even came back to help us work out all the unforeseen kinks. We would definitely recommend them.

Kennedy Team

I get calls from other copier companies on a weekly basis. I always say “No Thank You” because Ultrex is amazing! They provide excellent customer service that is quick, friendly and knowledgeable and their IT team is the best!

Bethany Baptist Church

I really appreciate the quick and friendly service Ultrex provides. The office staff is efficient and responsive. The technicians are helpful and go the extra mile to make sure we are happy and all questions are answered before they leave.

Lisa Stewart