I’m Ethan, an IT Technician with a passion for connection and a knack for making the complex feel clear. Watching information flow seamlessly across networks is my personal thrill ride, each device a node in a symphony of collaboration. It’s not just about the tech, though – it’s about building bridges.

I got my start nurturing a fledgling IT department, seeing it bloom into a trusted partner for our clients. Every satisfied smile, every solved riddle, fuels my drive. But the real magic lies in human connection. Demystifying technology, turning frustration into understanding – that’s where I truly shine.

My toolkit? Cloud platforms, virtualization, network engineering, and a healthy dose of future-gazing. I dissect encryption protocols, chase the next big innovation, and yearn to see how technology will connect people in unexpected ways. So, whether you need a network guardian, a system whisperer, or a tech translator, we’ll explore the possibilities together. I’ll work to build bridges, solve puzzles, and unlock the magic of technology, one byte at a time.